Withholding Tax


Withholding Tax

Certain types of income paid to companies are subject to withholding tax at source. The withholding tax rates depend on the types of income and the tax status of the recipient. The payer of income is required to file the return (Form CIT 53) and submit the amount of tax withheld to the District Revenue Offices within seven days of the following month in which the payment is made. The tax withheld will be credited against final tax liability of the taxpayer. The following are the withholding tax rates on some important types of income. 


Types of incomeWithholding tax rate
1.  Dividends 10%
2.  Interest*1%
3.  Royalties**3%
4.  Advertising Fees2%
5.  Service and professional fees3% if paid to Thai company or foreign company having permanent branch in Thailand;

5% if paid to foreign company not having permanent branch in Thailand
6.  Prizes5%

* Tax will be withheld on interest paid to associations or foundations at the rate of 10%.
** Royalties paid to associations or foundations are subject to 10% withholding tax rate.
*** Government agencies are required to withhold tax at the rate of 1% on all types of income paid to companies.

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