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Our Mission

“To serve our clients with quality and professional services by focusing on the clents’ requirements satisfaction and their goals.”


PL Group

PL Group is a full-service for accounting and audit that specializes in accounting, auditing and taxation. With over 30-year experience, we ensure that you will have an effective financial systems and controls in place to meet your business and compliance requirements with cost effective.

In addition to core accountancy, audit services and taxation, our firm also provides assistance in a number of niche practice areas such as human resource management, corporate registration services, trademark registration, visa and work permit for foreign member, due diligence, etc.

As full-service of accounting & audit firm, we have depth experience across a wide range of business sectors for both local and international clients.

Today our clients base has grown significantly both in terms of number and services requirement diversity. This has resulted to a great increase of references made by our existing clients.

PLG Plus Limited

PLG Plus Limited, a company provides corporate service relating to accounting, tax and managerial advices.

PLP Auditing Office

PLP Auditing Office, a certified public accountant firm offers statutory report and review


We Specialize In

  • Accounting and managerial information

  • Statutory audit and review services

  • Financial reporting, systems and controls

  • Tax advice and planning

  • Human resource management

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Advisory for setting up a business in Thailand


MSI Global Alliance

To ensure that we are strategically allied with professional partners and colleagues at a global level, PLG Group joined a worldwide internationally recognized accounting networks and legal firm association, MSI Global Alliance (MSI), a company incorporated in United Kingdom, in 1999. Since then, we have benefited a great deal not only from the shared knowledge and experience, but also the strengthened cooperation with some other 260 members firms in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Our Management and Professional Team

Pakavadee Kanphai

Pakavadee Kanphai

Managing Director and Partner

Papawin Leelamanthep

Papawin Leelamanthep

Audit Managing Partner

Siriwan Srisuppaat

Siriwan Srisuppaat

Director and Partner

Khemwika Tangprakairoj

Khemwika Tangprakairoj

Head of Accounting Department

Yupawadee Boonla

Yupawadee Boonla

Head of Tax Department

Sunee Popinyo

Sunee Popinyo

Head of Audit Department



We serve many prominent multinational and local clients from various industries.

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